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Post by Joseph Dinero on Mon Sep 24, 2012 12:43 am

Every nation (if they are NOT wiped completely off the map) has a Congress and a President.

--Congress--(25th of Each Month)

The size of Congress depends on the number of regions the country has. The citizens vote for a Party instead of voting a citizen from a specific party. The party president sets up a national list with all the candidates in the exact order the party president wants them in the Congress. So higher you on the list,The better the chance of you being in congress. The same rules regarding the candidates apply, however if the country has few regions multiple congresspeople can be elected from the same state to meet the minimum in Congress of 40. For a smaller party like us, we will often run our candidates under their parties to ensure a spot under the ballot. Our candidates then return to our party after the election is over.

Congress has the power in-game to do things such as raise/lower taxes, grant citizenship to other players, fund programs, make alliances, amongst others. However, Congress does most of their work in the meta-game--by discussing things in a separate forum prior to acting on it in-game.

--Presidents--(5th of Each Month)

Presidents are elected on the 5th of every month by a popular vote election of all the country's citizens. A maximum of 5 candidates can run in the election, and they are determined based on the parties that endorse them. The top 5 parties in size automatically get their candidate on the ballot. If they endorse a candidate from another top 5 party, then their spot on the ballot goes to the next party, and so forth. Parties can endorse any candidate on the ballot.

The President can also engage in the same activities as Congress, and in general sets the direction for the country. The President can also order attacks on a country, if war has been declared.

--Party Presidents--(15th of Each Month)

These elections are voted on by the members of the party. Often parties have their PP elections done in their forum, with members all voting for the primary winner. This member is the "visual" head of the party and leads the party members.

As you can imagine, success in the political module depends on the social aspect of the game.
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