Help a brother's party out...

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Help a brother's party out...

Post by Clint Carmel on Sun Feb 24, 2013 8:34 pm

I respect that most of you guys are loyal Vox. But these are unprecedented times: the AFA is attempting today to shoehorn the Shoe Police into the top #5. I think the WTP is safe for the moment, but the numbers are changing on minute-by-minute basis.

For those of you who have been busy this weekend, or who didn't see what is going on in-game, please consider (just for today and tomorrow) moving or joining into another party. Right now, a SINGLE person can make a difference:

1 Federalist Party 527
2 American Freedom AIIiance 484
3 The Shoe People 481
4 We The People 478
5 United States Workers Party 477
6 American Military Party 477

This isn't poaching-- I fully expect you guys to return to Vox after the weekend. And maybe bring a few people with you. It's just for deciding which party gets to be in Congress. In return, if this works, I personally promise to let Joseph Dinero and/or Colbert send me a proposal for a law.

Clint Carmel

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Re: Help a brother's party out...

Post by Haselrig on Sun Feb 24, 2013 9:31 pm

Godspeed my friend, this is as close as I've seen it in my time.



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