The Official Cabinet of the Vox Populi

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The Official Cabinet of the Vox Populi Empty The Official Cabinet of the Vox Populi

Post by SColbert on Sun Dec 16, 2012 6:38 pm

SColbert was recently elected as Party President of the Vox Populi. For your convenience, here is the cabinet for this month. If you have any questions concerning the cabinet please direct them to Malovent. Thank you, and we look forward to a very successful month.

UPDATED FOR 3-15-2013 ELECTION (By SColbert):

Vice Party President - Haselrig
Adviser - Torrin
Chief of Staff - Malovent
Public Relations/Media - Ghost of Tom Joad
Recruitment and Retention Director - Alastor DoUrden
VP4ME (Food) - Torrin
VP4ME (Weapons) - Joseph Dinero
Lottery - Joseph Dinero
Party Liaison - Joseph Dinero
Media Fund - SColbert
Elections Board -SColbert, Haselrig, Nathan Nate Drake, Alastor DoUrden, Memphis Flash

Please contact SColbert if you are interested in helping the party!

2x VPP of Vox Populi
5x CoS of Vox Populi
3x Congressman

The Official Cabinet of the Vox Populi Colbert

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