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There are 4 different types of training centers, and each requires a certain amount of gold to use. They are free, .19 gold, 1.49 gold, and 1.79 gold. It is best to stick with the free one so you can save your gold for companies purchases. Each training center has 3 qualities (q1-q3), that provide additional strength for using it. You can only train at each facility once per day, at a cost of 10 energy per facility. Training improves your strength, which makes you a stronger fighter.

--Military Unit (MU)--

There are several different MUs, including the US Military, the civilian MU, and other various MUs. Some of them run communes though not all. Some MUs may have activity requirements, kill requirements, or other requirements, so you should check out the description before joining.


So now you're looking to fight. If you're in a MU, you will see a "daily order" (once you have made enough kills to become a full-fledged member), you should fight in that battle as it has been picked as an important battle. Otherwise, you can pick battles from the wars screen -you can fight for the campaign of the day, USA battles, or allied battles.

So now you see the fight screen. It can be a bit confusing, so let's break down how battles work. Each campaign is waged between an attacker and a defender through a series of battles (aka minis). Each mini awards a certain number of points to the winner (based on divisions, which will be explained shortly), and the side that gets to 83 points wins. Each mini is won by holding the "wall" (the bar showing who is ahead) over 50% for a certain amount of time. Every minute the wall is over 50%, your side gets domination points (the big number on the ends of the bar). First side to get to 1800 domination points wins the mini. Domination points are earned based on the time of the battle: in the first 30 minutes, each minute awards 10 points. The next 30 is worth 20 points. Between 1 hour and 1:30 is 30 points, and the final 30 minutes in worth 60 points per minute (no battle goes beyond 2 hours).

So how do you help push the wall in our favor? Click the fight button. You will lose an amount of health depending on how many hits it takes to kill the opponent. You will also deal a certain amount of damage (aka influence) to the wall. This is based on a formula taking into account your strength, weapon, and your military rank. Because fighting takes health, you will want to make sure you have food on hand to replenish your health. Keep an eye on how much energy you can add--upgrading your residence will increase your max cap. The amount of energy you can add can be found by hovering your mouse over the eat food button. Each quality of food will add a different amount of health--the game will automatically consume your highest quality food when you eat. If you are out of food, or have no available energy to recover, you can eat an energy bar, which will automatically add 100 energy to your bar. You get bars through missions, ranking up, completing your daily order, or buying them from erep with gold (don't do that, it's usually a waste).

If you have different weapons, you can scroll through them on the battle screen. Higher quality weapons last longer and deal more damage. If you don't have a weapon, don't worry--your fists can still do some damage.

There are two types of "speciality" weapons--bazookas and rockets. Bazookas are weapons you need to assemble. There are 5 different parts you need to collect--you can get them by clicking on the parts as they show up when you fight, by completing some missions, and by completing your daily order. You can store up as many of the different parts as you want. When you want to use them, go to your storage and assemble them. It will assemble the maximum amount possible when you do this. Now when you fight, set your weapon to bazooka, and fire. For the cost of 10 energy, you will instantly kill the opponent and deal exactly 10000 damage, regardless of strength or rank. Each bazooka can kill 3 enemies.

Rockets are for advanced users only, so if you are a beginner you will want to skip this paragraph. To build a rocket, you need to build a rocket factory. These come in different qualities as well. Depending on the quality, the requirements for building a rocket change--these require holding various different types of weapons at different quantities. You can build one rocket per day, and when you use it rockets deal a set amount of damage depending on the quality.


So, now you're wondering what these divisions are all about. Well, each battle is fought by four divisions, depending on your experience level. Division 1 is players level 24 and under. This division supplies 1 point per mini won. Division 2 is levels 25-29, and supplies 2 points per mini won. Division 3 is from levels 30-36, and supplies 3 points per mini. Division 4 is levels 37 and higher, and supplies 5 points per mini. You will automatically be moved from division to division as you level up.

--Resistance Wars--

Resistance Wars are special kinds of campaigns. They occur when a region that is being occupied by a foreign power raises enough money and launches a rebellion. To fight in a RW (on either side), you need to be located anywhere in the occupying country. You will then be given an option to choose which side you wish to fight for. Unlike normal wars, both sides fight without allies. To begin an RW, you need to be located in the region wishing to rebel and pay 1000 cc to the cause. Once enough people have paid in, the RW will automatically start, and if the RW succeeds you will earn the Resistance Hero medal and 5 gold. The rebelling country can only have 1 resistance war against the same occupier at a time, so if they are trying to liberate multiple regions, they must do so one at a time.

--Battle and Campaign Hero--

These are special medals for dealing the most amount of damage. A battle hero is won if you deal the most amount of damage for your side in your division in a single mini. A campaign hero is for dealing the highest amount of damage over a whole campaign including all divisions. They each award you gold (BH gold varies by division)
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