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Post by Joseph Dinero on Mon Sep 24, 2012 12:27 am


There are two currencies: local (which for us is USD) and gold. Local currencies are often referred to in shorthand as "cc". You can buy and sell each of them in the monetary market. There are various ways to increase your USD or gold, which include missions, leveling up, gaining medals on your profile page, working, and referring the site to your friends. You can also spend RL money and buy gold from admin if you wish.


Companies are the basic economic unit. You begin the game with a few companies, and you can buy more as you get richer. As you begin, you will likely be working at your own companies, referred to as "work as manager" or WAM. You can WAM each of your own companies once per day, at a cost of 10 energy per company.

Companies come in 4 different forms.
Food Raw material
Weapons Raw Material
Food Factory
Weapons Factory

Each of them comes in different qualities: Raw Materials go from q1 to q5 and factories from q1 to q7. The higher the quality, the more raw materials it will produce. For factories, the better quality of product is produced. Factories can be upgraded, whereas raw materials cannot--you must buy your raw material companies at the quality you want. Higher quality factories though require additional raw materials to produce.

The output of the companies depend on the bonuses your country holds. If you look at the map, you'll see each region has its own "resource". For each distinct resource (of which there are 5 food and 5 weapons), the country gets a bonus which allows for greater production. Currently, the USA has all the resources, so we have max bonus.

You can dissolve your company (or downgrade factories) at any time and receive half the cost back. Additionally, you should try to time your purchases such that it lines up with 44% off sales. Admin makes these sales every so often (every few months), and you can save quite a bit of gold that way.


You can also work for another player and receive a salary. You can view offers in the job market. Often times, if you join a military unit (discussed later), you will have the option to join that unit's commune. Communes will pay you minimum wage in USD, but then also supply you with food and/or weapons (depending on your unit), and most of the time the value of the food/weapons is more than what you could get as a salary on the open market. If you are interested in joining your MU's commune, you should contact the commander of that MU. Workign also costs you 10 energy.


You begin with a limited amount of storage. You can buy more storage by clicking the "+". At current monetary market prices, it is better to buy more of the small storage than to spend gold on the large storage. Storage includes all your raw materials, finished products, and energy bars in your inventory.

Here is where you can buy raw materials and products of all qualities. Don't worry about the other tabs, those are remnants from an earlier time and completely unnecessary. To post an offer, you do so at the bottom of your storage screen. It is often advisable to check what the prices are before you sell your goods--if you need to sell it quickly you should price it at the market price. If you can afford to wait, price it a few cents higher. Remember goods on the market still count against your storage limit until they are sold.
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